Welcome to Aastha welfare group

Aastha welfare group is a registered non-profit organisation which has been inspired from a small child who was not able to firm his feet on the road as the hard stones were pricking him. However, he was running bare footed around the vehicles to sell his toys to earn some money.

As we all know that the child is the future of the nation so we've first taken a step to make these children educated and self-reliant which will be the best gift for them and a valuable contribution towards the development of nation.

The life on the street is unprotected and abandoned where especially these small children and women are left with no choice but to beg or earn on the street. Their condition gets worst when they're treated as a sex material and forced into this occupation at a very early age. I've spent some time with them and got to know the real face of street life. It's really terrible and dark aspect of India.

We're working to educate and make them self-reliant. We help nurture their dreams and make them realise that their fate can be crafted by their own hands, effort and firm determination.

We strongly oppose the opinion to help underprivileged people by giving money in their hands as this is the way to make them dependant and reluctant to work or make effort. It's always a kind of alms which finally lead them towards begging.

Contrary to this traditional way of helping, our endeavour is to train them in a way that will make them independent by their own effort and they will also be able to lead their life with dignity, justice and happiness.

Apart from it, Aastha Welfare Group is also working on Woman Empowerment, Education, Skill development, Sanitation/ Clean Water, Drug-Deaddiction,

Physically Disabled persons & Disadvantaged elders, AIDS & Medical Facilities and Environment & Pollution.

Aastha welfare group is an encouraging movement with a desire to bring about a change embedded with opportunities to unveil, train and polish each individual's skill for the development of the society and nation.

We pursue fullness of life for everyone by serving them regardless of religion, race, ethnicity as a demonstration of god's unconditional love for all people.