Sanitation/ Clean Water

India has been facing lack of access to water supply, drainage facilities and implication for sanitation. More than 1 billion Indian homes have no toilets within their premises, two-third of Indian homes have no drinking water facility from a treated tap source and four-third are devoid of closed drainage connectivity for discharge of waste water while 87% of the households now use tap, tube wells as the main source of drinking water. Only 47% have the source of water within the premises. Approx 36% households still have to fetch water from a source located within 500 meters in rural areas and 100 meter in urban areas.

This has a significant impact on the sanitation or hygiene practices and especially the health of woman in terms of extra workload. The situation is even worse in areas which are drought prone or face perennial water shortage. Such as- Maharashtra, Odisha, Gujrat etc.

We believe that access to safe drinking water and toilet is a fundamental right of everyone. Every household should have their own toilets and clean drinking water facility installed at their homes.