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Events & Impacts

A Session on Ban Plastic

We organize awareness sessions too in the schools and colleges on the hazardous impact of plastic to save our environment from being destroyed due to pollution. Such sessions help to lead them towards eco-friendly behaviour and habits.Through our session we educate them about severe effects of using plastic such as – losing one’s health, infertility in the soil and unknowingly being consumed by animals along with garbage from the side of the roads.

We are running a programme- “Ban Single Use Plastic” under which we have started making “CLOTH BAGS”. We have distributed more than 7200 bags so far and trying to bring a rapid increase in manufacturing of bags so that it will be available at every home and people would love to replace them with plastic ones.

Our seminars have been proven to be very influential among students as they share their personal experiences with us through interactive sessions which boost their knowledge and determination not to use plastic.