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Events & Impacts

Sanitation Drive

We distribute free books and other stationery items in various primary schools and educate them about sanitation. Because of the lack of safe water and inadequate sanitation system or non-existence of sanitation system, malaria and other major diseases can easily attack children. Two major reasons for under-five child mortality are diarrhoea and malnutrition. 

A good sanitation practice is important to change the hygiene behaviour of children. Besides, it is possible to influence through school sanitation and health education. It is possible to achieve the desired change in children's behaviour through the school sanitation and hygiene education. The children will learn how to wash hands, safe defecation, ways of keeping latrines clean and maintaining clean environment. It will enable them to live in peace, happiness and in good health. Students can attend school regularly because of improved health and can pay attention to their studies. So, it is necessary to know about sanitation and hygiene from childhood to stay healthy and live a healthy life.

During our sessions we guide them about essential hygiene practice. They are informed about-

1. Personal hygiene practice

2. Maintaining a clean environment

3. Convenience of sanitary latrine

4. Safe water

5. Rules for washing hands

6. Causes of Diarrhoea, ascariases and its prevention

7. Rules for storing drinking water