Welcome to Aastha welfare group

To attain integrated socio-economic development we are primarily focused to work on “Education & Employment for All”. Though we are undoubtedly stepping towards progressive Bharat, yet we have to walk miles to achieve 100%. It can be obtained through education, economic and social empowerment of all those who are still left at the lower end of the social structure.

We have obtained only 49.40% female literacy and 68.50% male literacy out of total ST Population which is 10,45,46,000. If we glance at the literacy rate of SC with total population of 20,13,78,086, we have achieved only 33.36% female literacy and 66.64% male literacy. The major concern is not only to join the school but also to be regular throughout the year. Approx 62.40% students from ST and 70.50% students from SC are school drop-outs.

It reveals that education rate among SC/ ST is quite below the national average. Gender disparity in literacy is quite evident. Their poor socio-economic background is a major cause behind their educational stagnation. We are trying to eradicate difference in educational attainment among social groups.

Apart from education we provide skill to woman as per their capability and competence to make them self-reliant or entrepreneurs. We are intended to benefit women under our training programme to avail them with employability and entrepreneurship.

We are also concerned for Child-Protection. We care them especially growing girl child who needs special attention at this age. Child care, education, protection and poshan are our priorities as children are the future leaders of the country.

Aastha welfare group is an encouraging movement with a desire to bring about a change embedded with opportunities to unveil, train and polish each individual's skill.