Approx 40 lakh children are living on the streets and threefold of this number are working as bonded labourers. Despite stringent law female foeticide still exists and death-rate of a girl child is surprisingly higher. Apart from it we are also working for their other circumstantial problems which are:

1.     They start taking drugs at the age of only 5 or 6 by using various means.

2.     They become an earning unit for a family which pushes them away from education.

3.     Birth-Rate is higher due to lack of education and knowledge.

4.     Death-Rate is also higher due to lack of sanitation facility and poor hygiene factor.

5.     Being stranded population their source of livelihood is begging and they are abandoned to spend life on the street.

6.     They’re forced for prostitution at early age. They have to continue as a sex worker neglecting their health and age.

7.     By virtue of such negligence there are many cases of early age pregnancy even at the age of 12 or 13.

 India's Literacy Rate  74.04 %             
 Female Literacy Rate 65.46 %           
 Male Literacy Rate 80 %           

Here the major concerns are:

1.     How many children are going to school?

2.     How many of them are regular to the school?

3.     How much visible progress is there in elementary education means reading, writing and calculating?

4.     What is the number of school-going girl child and their progress?

5.     What is the percentage of school drop-outs and their ratio between boy and girl?

Just raising the slogans are not enough to educate them. Make a difference by spreading education. That doesn’t mean just to admit the child into the school but also to keep close eyes on his/ her regularity and progress.

We teach them and provide free books and stationeries. We have covered many places like streets, villages and schools. We are working to educate and bring them into main streamline so that they can also be educated and be self-reliant. Instead of being liability on the nation they can give their contribution in the growth of NEW INDIA.

Let’s join hands together and donate to change a generation.