Menstrual Hygiene Practice

Most girls remain unaware of mensuration until their first menstrual cycle. Lack of awareness means they don’t prioritise it as an essential health need. Out of all the menstruating girls and women in India, less than 20% use sanitary pads. Our efforts are instrumental in increasing this number to more than 70%.

The barriers of adopting menstrual hygiene practice are three fold:

  • Lack of awareness
  • Lack of acceptance
  • Lack of access

Owing to lack of awareness they don’t prioritize it as an essential health need. They think that a sanitary pad is a good-to-have rather than necessity. Mensuration is thought as a taboo that force woman to stay indoors, skip school, be relegated to a certain part of a house etc. A lack of access to sanitary pads continues to be a barrier to achieve 100% coverage for menstrual hygiene. They use home-made alternatives, such as old cloth, rags, hay, sand or ash which results in poor and deteriorating health of girls and women.

Our aim is to help them by educating about menstrual hygiene and necessity of sanitary pads. The biggest win will finally be achieved when we will succeed to put an end to menstrual taboos.